About the Choir

Chorale Musaïque is a group of female singers from different walks of life, united together to create a musical kaleidoscope. Each song is a subtle twist of the lens, with voices rising in sweet harmony to highlight the rich diversity of our members.

The choir is conducted by Michelle Hugill, who in addition to being Musical Director is also a flute, piano and voice teacher. 


Don’t just listen – be part of the music.

Love to sing? So do we and we're recruiting! This Montreal-based women's choir is all about the joy of singing and the good things that come with it – the power of collaborating, the strength of belonging, the wonder of learning and the thrill of performing. 

What's required? Ability to sing on pitch, regular attendance and enthusiasm for learning. 


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Recent Concert Highlights

Chorale Musaïque welcomes you into spring with a musical bouquet, oh yes! Hear the lyrical syllables of a rainstorm and the chirping of birds, walk with us through valleys to highlands, or cross a bridge over troubled water…. Along with homegrown songs from choice Canadian composers, our program also features music from Japan, China and the Ukraine – just a few of the cultures that help create the beautiful mosaic of our country.

Our Culture




"I was constantly singing as a kid…."

As a teenager, I flirted with musical theatre. After years of singing on my own and with my kids, I realized how much I missed singing in a formal setting, with and for other people – the collective experience can be so profound. Singing and focusing on music helps me to work through my emotions and experiences and learning how to integrate my voice with others has been a delightful release from ego. I am so lucky to have met Michelle and joined Musaïque, a joyful group of women who leave the stress of their daily lives behind to create beautiful music together.
— Jane