Don't just listen –
be part of the music.

Chorale Musaïque is a group of female singers from different walks of life, united together to create a musical kaleidoscope. Each song is a subtle twist of the lens, with voices rising in sweet harmony to highlight the rich diversity of our members.

The choir is conducted by Michelle Hugill who, in addition to being Musical Director, is also a flute, piano and voice teacher. 


Our Culture




"Now I sing with purpose..."

Music has always been a joyful and important part of my life. I was constantly singing in the shower, in the car, at karaoke... basically anywhere I could! Now I sing with purpose, surrounded by a group of amazing women. I am learning the art of singing while challenging myself to sing in different languages and in various styles. I feel musically fulfilled and so proud to be part of Chorale Musaïque. It is a beautiful experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
— Kendra