Bloom • Floraison [ May 25, 2019] – Chorale Musaïque welcomes you into spring with a musical bouquet, oh yes! Hear the lyrical syllables of a rainstorm and the chirping of birds, walk with us through valleys to highlands, or cross a bridge over troubled water…. Along with homegrown songs from choice Canadian composers, our program also features music from Japan, China and the Ukraine – just a few of the cultures that help create the beautiful mosaic of our country.



Evolution is good :)

Wow, has our small but mighty choir ever grown in just one short year! Collaborative relationships and reaching further with repertoire have worked out in ways we hadn’t anticipated. We’re happy. Not only that, we’ve added some new faces to the choir and learning to connect, sing and play together has created a new dynamic in the best way possible. We’re ready and hungry for more!

Nature and Nurture: Interweaving the Human Experience with the Natural World [December 8, 2018] – Is the restless wind a symbol for the spirit? Is love like the grey of twilight? We delved into the human experience in the face of mighty Mother Nature, performing a diverse, eclectic and plentiful program. As a special treat, the talented musicians in our ever-growing choir contributed flute and violin pieces full of depth and soul. We loved this program – you’ll see it in our faces :)



East Sings with West in Montreal [May 26, 2018] – Chorale Musaïque was delighted to collaborate with Montreal's Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) Vocal Ensemble in a concert of firsts: our first cross-cultural event with the Chinese community and their first full-scale concert! In addition to sharing selected songs, each choir showcased a diverse program of their finest. 

Here are a few of ours.



What an awesome first year we've had!

Learned some pretty challenging works in languages from German to Chippewah, performed our first full-length concert, participated in NDG's event-for-a-cause Porchfest, sang for the seniors – "You make us feel so young!", they said :) And we wound up the year with a not-quite-a-Christmas Christmas concert that was not only pure joy to sing, but very well-received. We are a small but mighty choir and can't wait to bring more to the scene in 2018!

Come Let Your Hearts Be Singing with Chorale Musaïque [December 2, 2017] – An evening of sprightly madrigals, homespun folk songs and beautifully evocative romantic and popular songs. Selections by Canadian composers are at the forefront as we celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.


Chorale Musaïque at Porchfest NDG [May 20, 2017] – For the first time ever, Chorale Musaïque will be participating in Montreal's Porchfest NDG event. We've got a programme loaded with songs for here, there and everywhere from around the world. From Porchfest NDG organizers: "All the donations collected during the 2017 edition of Porchfest NDG will go towards improving music education resources available to NDG youth through Westhaven’s inclusive and accessible music program."


Our first full-length concert! [May 6, 2017] – For our first full-length concert, we took our audience on a journey through different eras and styles of music. We sang the echoes of ancient psalms, danced with Dvorak, touched on a few contemporary pieces… oh, and we got our gospel on! Taking advantage of the many multi-talented individuals in Chorale Musaïque, our concert also featured instrumental interludes of solo flute and piano.